Tuesday, March 11, 2014

That Shit We Call Togetherness

That shit we call togetherness
An aspiration of everlasting hand in hand
A whole life dedicated to the same horrible breath
   the same smelly armpits, the same oily face
   the same split hairs

That shit we call togetherness
A dedication of every minute around the clock
A circumstance where mindfuck is inevitable
Banging the holy hole of soberness hour by hour
   the readiness to be raped again and again
   the willingness to smile upon slim glimmer of hope
   for the plural; us
That shit we call togetherness
A seal carried along the sail out to the unknown
Pretentious Columbus fallacious prospectus
   marketing dependency upon independence
   advertising uncertainty between love and alliance

That shit we call togetherness, ladies and gentleman...
Needs to go to rehab.

1.43am 12.03.2014

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